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As we all should know that taking care of your new tattoo is half the battle to helping it look great and lasting for many years. If the artist has done his job the way he/she is expected to and you follow these care instructions, your tattoo will heal up great. The way I recommend to care of your new tattoo is not the only way to skin the cat. I have been tattooing for 20 years so experience prroves it works. I share these instructions with all my clients.

After your tattoo is done and your artist wraps you up and sends you on your way and you get home you should take off the wrapping and wash your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. Do not scrub the tattoo with a wash cloth. Your tattoo is essentially a open wound and a wash cloth is abrasive. Once you have wash your tattoo with your hand, pat dry with a towel. let air out for a couple of minutes and then apply a product called *AQUAPHOR. squeeze a little bit on your finger and rub it on your tattoo. NOTE.. If you can see it on your skin it is almost too much. you just want to moisten the skin. so do not cake the aquaphor on. you should repeat this step two more times through out the day. Once in the afternoon and then once in the evening. If you have a tattoo in a place where your cloths may rub off the ointment then just take notice and check your tattoo. and apply a thin layer a few more times through out the day. if your tattoo dries out a little it wont hurt it.

Everyone's body is different and some people let there tattoos dry out and they heal up fine. if you have more than one tattoo then you know (should know) how to take care of your tattoo. if a scab does appear DO NOT pick it off. and if it starts to itch from healing do not scratch it. smack it a little or rub it. if you notice something out of the ordinary going on with the healing process call your artist.

Other Things to remember.... Stay out of direct sunlight for at least two weeks. the sun does extreme damage to your tattoo and will cause infection. Stay out of swimming pools and hot tubs for 2 weeks. They are not clean. People pee and spit in them and not everyone showers before going in, so you do not know what you are exposing your new tattoo to. Stay out of lakes and rivers for 2 weeks. and we all know that lakes and rivers are not clean * Aquaphor- is a petroleum based product developed for children's skin irritations. I recommend it to everyone and have herd nothing but great responses. You can find it in the baby care section in a Walgreens, CVS or any grocery store. it cost about 6 to 8 dollars for a tube. The tube will last you for quite a long time.

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